Excuse me?

by Sally Applin

“Excuse me…” went missing yesterday and either its a trend, or it was the corner I was standing on.

I was walking towards a crosswalk and a man was coming towards me. He was talking on a cell phone. Without moving the phone from his ear, covering it with his hand, or any other indication that he might be talking to me except that he looked at me and asked where the street was that was clearly marked 10′ away at a visible level.

He was making me an avatar.

This is the way its going folks, get used to it. People with cellphones who are concurrently participating in their virtual networks, are going to temporarily disengage to ask you, Avatar “Keeper of the Analog,” questions to help them navigate the physical world, while they remain plugged in.

Trend: We are the shepherds of the new narcissists.

©2008-2014 Sally A. Applin. All rights reserved.

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