Resistance is Futile. “Exterminate” Anonymity

by Sally Applin

Today the law went into effect for mobile phone usage. Drivers in California can no longer hold the handset to their ear if they talk on their mobile phones while they drive. (They CAN, however, text, which sort of defeats the point…)

About 10 years ago I did a research study on headsets for a telephone headset manufacturer. One of the things that was interesting was how “weird” people thought they were and how they never wanted to wear them outside of their workstations.

Today, while I was at UPS, I was the only person in the store who didn’t have a Bluetooth headset on. Okay, it was a small sample just me, one other customer and the guy behind the counter. 

However, I told them that I’d seen that Dr. Who episode where the codes to turn the humans into Cybermen were transmitted through the mobile headsets. They laughed and said that they had seen the episode too.

To get back to the title of the blog, I do have to say that I think–now, 10 years later, to not wear the headset is more of a mark of “weird.”  

I also think that what is coming–will be government and other messages forced broadcast through the mobile network. To an extent, as much as we’re Cybermen now anyway with these headsets, we will now become more so. With added broadcast messaging from wherever into us. What entity is going to resist the power and control to reach almost every human with a phone?

©2008-2014 Sally A. Applin. All rights reserved.

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