Desperation is the Mother of Innovation

by Sally Applin

Maybe its just me, but in the last week or so I’ve had this awareness of more innovation. Things like vertical farming, which I heard about in 1998 and was mentioned in this week’s New York Times and also things like the reanimation of one of the car dealership graveyards on El Camino in Menlo Park. For many years now, they’ve been vacant and I’ve been wondering what might take their place. Today I found out. At least one is going to be a Tesla electric car dealer. Its a smart place to put it–lots of moneyed technology types interested in the latest high priced electronic car to get them from A to B in a higher than Prius status– will certainly support the Tesla’s 80k+ pricetag. There’s talk that this newer all electric car will usher in the new era of radically different transportation. They’re finally taking steps to create a *real* high speed rail from San Francisco to San Diego, too. 

Trend: My prediction is that the current economic downturn and the oil crisis is going to set in motion way more and faster innovation than we’ve seen in a long time. I expect to see more commercial ships that are hybrids of power and sail–or at least sporting solar panels!

©2008-2014 Sally A. Applin. All rights reserved.

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