Whoop, There it is!

by Sally Applin

Okay, so its completely full of curse words and its, as someone said, a “legal nightmare” –but Greg Gillis’s brilliant mash up of 1970’s power rock, 1980’s Cure + all else is incredible. Each song is like getting into today’s rap rocketship to visit the past. Rapping in the old style way, Gillis layers the raps, making them rock the mic with Big Country and Kraftwerk in the background. 

(That said, the lyrics are offensive and racist. He’s sampling them from other places, but they are offensive, be warned.)

Sonically, its incredible genius. This man has a great pattern ability.

Cam Lindsay on Exclaim.ca reviewed Mr. Gillis by saying ” ‘his’ music isn’t so much of a mash-up but a complete deconstruction/reconstruction of past and present pop/rock, hip-hop and dance with an upwards of 20 well- and lesser-known favourites crammed into one new composition.”


Put the needle on the record.

“Girl Talk” AKA Gregg Gillis, “Feed the Animals” 


Trend: The Beastie Boys are back in one man in Philly. Old Skool. Don’t miss it. (Even though the language is beyond filthy.)

©2008-2014 Sally A. Applin. All rights reserved.

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