Burning the Soup

by Sally Applin

Yesterday marked the conclusion of Burning Man. I’m mulling over two parallel tracks here: one is that Burning Man may be a prototype of what its going to be like when Global Warming turns the world into a giant Mad Max Survival-of-the-Fittest Darwinist Dust Bowl. This year at Burning Man, due to the dust storms, Goggles were very popular, as were scarves and industrial boots that go at least to the knee. Coverage. Bicycles and other mechanical things were very popular as transport. The more neon, zebra striped, and custom, the better. Of special note about Burning Man is the sheer individuality of everyone, plopped into this one zone to “do their thing” in all their analog glory amongst the dust.

“Soup” (.io of all things then click on “what is on soup right now”) is this place where people just post what they want in a blog type format, but it seems to aggregate different media types. As with Burning Man, its people being themselves, doing their thing sans dust. There is the “everyone” mode which is sort of like strolling through a digital Burning Man in the most dust free environment ever: electrons. No bicycles though.

What Soup and Burning Man have in common is this new “free for all do whatever” mode. What they don’t have in common are skills. It could go either way. The cynic in me thinks that the people going to Burning Man are learning particular types of survival skills that are going to help them along later in life. I’m not sure if the Soup people will have what it takes if Global Warming continues.

Trend: I think these are going to either fuse, or battle it out. Its sort of up to us.

©2008-2014 Sally A. Applin. All rights reserved.

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