Where the Wild Things Aren’t

by Sally Applin

The US has clamped down on being wild. From the Patriot Act to the land developer’s need to categorize, boxup and stifle any individuality, the US is not a place for untidy, wild, or unruly. Its probably a leftover from our English ancestors, but if you’re a “tall poppy” these days, you’d best get out of town. 

I predict this trend reversing. I think we’re simmering to a boil, and once we get there, our wild selves are going to frolic in the wild daisies (if there are any to be found).

We are creatures of nature. The more we connect to our planet, the more organic and free we will let ourselves become.

Trend: I have no proof yet, but I think the same-same-same trend is going away. Soon.

©2008-2014 Sally A. Applin. All rights reserved.

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