by Sally Applin

Well, there is finally a QVC home shopping channel for the digerati: Honeyshed.

Honeyshed is a website where people can sign up to belong to a community of people who buy online merchandise that is being demonstrated live by what I am calling the “honey” part of the name. The wares are modeled by young ladies and young gentlemen who talk for long periods of time about each item. There are several “channels” of merchandise to look at that have long commercials/sales pitches of the items.

It seems to me to be a mashup of infomercials and the teen stores at the mall with a touch of Las Vegas stylin’ thrown in for decoration.

I’ll have to add to this piece when I can decode a bit more of what it means.

Trend: Honeyshed is trying to really flip the model of internet to be constantly streaming television advertising/titillation. The product on offer seems to be the flirty young men and women smiling and talking effortlessly (and effervescently) about whatever Honeysh*t is on offer. Run away.

©2008-2014 Sally A. Applin. All rights reserved.

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