Monthly Archives: December 2008

Brand Dilution

by Sally Applin

A few posts ago, I wrote about “Inconspicuous Consumption” — the idea that people will still consume, if they have the cash, but will try to be stealthy about it and not show off labels and brands.

I think that the next trend regarding consumer goods is “Brand Dilution.”  With the economic situation the way it is, all kinds of luxury goods have been going on sale at rock bottom prices. We’re talking 70% at Saks Fifth Avenue.  The New York Times wrote an article this week describing the sales in detail. When these branded “luxury” goods go on this deep of a discount, do they lose their brand appeal and cachet?

In my opinion, some of the goods, like those made by Prada, have diminished in quality in recent years. Oh their runway couture is pretty well made, but the bags are really just a way to make money off the brand. The bags at 70% off, are finally being sold at their real value.

But the difference with these current sales is that both poorly made “branded” goods and actually well made “luxury” goods are all on the sale block.

If one pays less for something branded as a “luxury” good and it goes on super sale, does the brand still have status?

Trend: For ultimate status, we’re going to be looking beyond the ability to select and purchase from a high end “brand.” Those days are over. Maybe education will become the new status.

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Trick, then Treat

by Sally Applin

Well human nature is human nature. Now Americans have shifted from using their homes as ATM’s, to expecting the goverment to be one. The banking and auto industries have lined up for treats, after having tricked themselves and the American public. Now some cities, and even a public school are all petitioning for “bailout” money.

Doesn’t anyone want to actually work? To try to sort out the problems with the institutions they are running and to make them more efficient?  Or do they teach people in business school that one gets further with unethical behavior and begging?

Trend: Halloween is yet again over but big business is still trying to Trick the public while asking for Treats.

©2008-2014 Sally A. Applin. All rights reserved.