Is Halloween a Social Barometer of the Trending Times?

by Sally Applin

According to the National Retail Federation’s 2008 and 2009 Halloween Consumer Intentions and Actions surveys, aside from the “Witch,” which held the number one spot in both 2008 and 2009, the most popular Halloween costumes in the number two spot during the past two years were the “Pirate” in 2008 and the “Vampire” in 2009.

This is not really a surprise.

In the early part of October 2008 there were major drops in the US stock market. People were starting to see their fortunes plummet and to realize that the pirates that had run off with them and in 2009 the recession hit home, with many losing their houses, their jobs and income, and their standing in their communities.

Now I’m not totally sure where to go with this point. Could it be the classic case of the abused “becoming” the abuser? Perhaps the people whose life savings were raided, became pirates and the people whose last dollar was sucked from them, became the vampires.

But that might be too easy. Or too Freudian.

Or not.

Trend: Watch the news for the indicators of the most popular costume (second to witches.) For 2010, I predict: ZomBiEs!

©2009-2014 Sally A. Applin. All rights reserved.

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