Monthly Archives: February 2011


by Sally Applin

Apparently, former U.S. President Clinton is barring Press badge wearers from his speech at the annual RSA security conference this week. But, as the article I read pointed out, members of the Press who have different badges (who are speaking, for example, can easily attend.)

So what is the motivation? Those with free passes shouldn’t attend, or is it more that that–that the Press shouldn’t attend?

Let’s say its to discourage the Press.

What a quaint idea. The idea that the Press are identified, tagged and clustered.

We have become the Press–all of us.

If someone has a way to record and report, essentially, they’re “the Press.” They might not be “official,” they might not practice “ethical” journalism–or even know what it is for that matter, but the days of thinking that there are such things as “the Press” that are different from every day conference attendees is way, way OVER.

How is the notion of decentralization and distribution of media so lost on someone so educated and as seemingly smart as Bill Clinton?

Trend: There is a big ole MEDIA GENERATION GAP.

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