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“Check”ing out the Election Results

by Sally Applin

With Obama winning the election and entering the White House in January 2009, I think that fashion is going to pick up the pace and echo the cooperative and integrated sentiment of the times.

Look for black and white together to make a comeback. Checks, houndstooth, and/or black and white stripes will all be popular Blue may also feature in fashion–as thousands of democrats subconsciously wear their colors. 

Another influence will be Africa. Look for African color pallets, patterns and small details in clothing in the coming seasons. Maybe Fall 2009 or Spring 2010. If they can shift their focus before production, we might see it in Spring 2009.

I think the trend will continue in music. Look for Ska and mixed Reggae bands to make a Two-Tone comeback. 

Trend:  cooperation, unity, and merging of cultures, races and ideas. Look for it in black and white fashion, patterns, music and African themes woven into existing trends.

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