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Uh, I Know Just, Just, What you are, ah ah…

by Sally Applin

Britney Spears’ “Womanizer” is a catchy pop tune on its way to being a end of year surprise hit. My Trends take on it, besides the catchy tune, is that is symbolizes what we are looking for right now, and where we are: in the realm of wanting authenticity.

Britney sings about a man who is a Womanizer and who doesn’t fool her with his ways. She sees right through him, she knows “just, just, what you are.” 

Witness the man throwing the shoe at President Bush.

After the current financial crisis, real estate crisis, and private sector and government transgressions–there is a great desire for honesty, for authenticity, and for wanting to know exactly what something is or is not.

Like it or not, the timing of this song is spot on.

Trend: Authenticity.

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